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Why Should I Choose e-Learning?

Provided by Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards these courses are designed to help you develop your current ‘skills for work’ and support you to achieve your future aspirations.  To maximise flexibility and fit into your life they can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. 

Improve your skills or learn something new

The range of topics available enables you to choose training to supplement your current development or tackle a new subject area.  Small business owners can use this resource to provide employee development.

Saves time and money

Choose as much or as little training as you want to achieve your goals.  No need to travel or print and reducing the time you spend away from your work makes e-learning an efficient use of time and money.

Easily Track your progress

Perhaps the most important aspect of using computers for training is that it is easy to track and prove your progress. This can be essential for the courses where mandatory training is required.

Engaging and interactive

The courses are carefully designed to be engaging and interactive. We use a variety of activities and quizzes to make the training stimulating and memorable. 

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Not limited by the time of day; undertaking the course at a time to suit you will minimise the impact of interruptions and disturbances. It can be hard to learn in a large group, especially if you find something difficult to understand. E-learning allows you to tackle the subject at your own pace, with interactive tasks will help you to check your understanding throughout each module.

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